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It’s iPhone 7! HD Camera.   

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Hi guys. Today we can see new leaked iPhone 7 photos. Yes. It’s first HD photos with such device. Big camera – better photos. 
Fans… Where are tou. Apple want kill iPhone 7 design. 🙁

iPhone 7 – Do you need a such smartphone?  

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iPhone 7 – Do you need a such smartphone? The Chinese network of microblogging Weibo published a series of images, which is said to have captured back cover iPhone 7.


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IPHONE 7 PRICE IN USA, UK, CHINA, CANADA, ASIA, EUROPE. Apple will offer the iPhone 7 Price for $199 (16GB), $299 (64GB), and $399 (128GB) on September 21. In UK Apple will offer the iPhone 7 for 539GBP (16GB), 619GBP (64GB), and 699GBP (128GB) on September 21. In Germany Apple will offer the iPhone 7 for 699 Euro (16GB), 799 Euro (64GB), and 899 Euro (128GB) on September 21. Ok. You can see compete price list here:


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How to create an Cloud Storage and Online Storage accounts via iTunes!

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S – iPhone 6s or wait for 7  

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iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S = iPhone 6s or wait for 7? Maybe iPhone SE? 🙂 Some resources just announced rumors about the release of iPhone 7 have already started to circulate at almost every tech and news blogs.

Personal Cloud Storage for Everyone.  

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Why is Personal Cloud Storage very important? Often, the general reason why the iPhone and the iPad begin to work much worse than usual, lies in the lack of space in the memory. If you notice that your machine has become a “thoughtful”, often freezes, reboots spontaneously without the command, it’s time to “spring cleaning.”

iPhone SE Clone Review, Price, Unboxing.  

Theme: ,    | March 25, 2016

iPhone SE Clone Review + Unboxing. Earlier this week, Apple introduced the new iPhone SE with 4-inch screen. Market meets novelty differently. Some experts tipped compact “apple” communicator fiasco, others argue that the new product will be a hit. Real situation – lots of iPhone owners want to see iPhone SE design like iPhone 6S but smaller. It’s mean that iPhone SE Clone is the best product for all, who want to buy 4-inch smartphone.

iPhone SE Review & First Impressions.  

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iPhone SE Review & First Impressions. Ok. Let’s go… iPhone SE Design: The physical design of the new iPhone SE falls completely in line with the previous 4-inch devices that we’ve seen from Apple, namely the iPhone 5/5s. Apple is clearly keen to position the new iPhone SE in the same category as those devices by appealing to individuals who not only loved the older aesthetic of the iPhone 5s, but who want an extremely capable smartphone that falls into this particular size range.

iPhone SE Price in USA + Full Specifications  

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Good news about iPhone SE Price in USA + Full Specifications. We know that Apple presents their new product – iPhone SE. iPhone SE has integrated 12-megapixel iSight camera, Touch ID. iPhone SE will be available in a metal enclosure in the colors “Space Gray”, silver, gold and “pink gold”. Models with 16 GB and 64 GB will be priced between $399 and $499, respectively.

iPad Pro 9.7 Price in USA + Full Specifications.  

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Nice news for all who wait 9.7-inch iPad Pro with new features. iPad Pro 9.7 Price in USA + Full Specifications. The filling of the new iPad Pro 9.7 is really is beyond praise: The device boasts a powerful processor Apple A9X, 4 GB of RAM, four speakers, an improved 12-megapixel camera that can record video in 4K resolution and has a flash that very uncharacteristic for the iPad. 8-megapixel camera 12.9-inch model is capable of recording video in a resolution of 1080p.

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