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iPhone 7 Release Date, Price, Features in 2015.  

iOS 8 iPhone Air
When is the iphone 7 coming out? iPhone 7 release date, pricing or new features in 2015. It may seem a little premature, but you’ll be surprised at how much speculation there is about the iPhone 7 already. The iPhone 6 is expected to arrive in October of 2014, but in 2015 we’re likely to get an iPhone 7. But what will the iPhone 7 be like? And when will the iPhone 7 come out? We round up the evidence to bring you everything there is to know about the iPhone 7 so far.

If you’re looking for iPhone 6 speculation, check out our iPhone 6 rumour round-up.

Top 5 CarPlay Apps (iOS in the Car Apps) for Everyday.  

CarPlay Volvo Review
CarPlay Apps (previously announced as iOS in the Car) – best OS for driving. If you like your car, you MUST HAVE this TOP 5 iOS in Car Apps. If you are a driver, you probably waste many fruitful hours of your otherwise awesome life looking for parking spots, trying to find your destination, hoping to find cheaper gas stations and shelling out cash for speeding fines. Well that’s not good enough when there are so many better things we could be doing. So I thought I’d review some of the best iOS Parking Apps to save us all time and money:

New iPhone 6 Release Date. Tuesday, October 14.  

Apple planning to launch the iPhone 6 on Tuesday, October 14. Are you ready? If you want buy iPhone 6 in USA, you can see this iPhone 6 price list. iPhone 6 insider notes that a senior Store Leader mentioned October 14th as being an “immense” day for Apple, adding that the whole month of October would be very busy for stores and the company itself. Apple is also said to planning a media event for Tuesday, September 16, coming a month ahead of the device’s launch.

iPhone 6 Headphones Inspiration by Beats By Dre Office.  


iPhone 6 coming soon. Last summer has very good news that Apple bought Beats By Dre. We wait good news about new iPhone 6 headphones and accessories. it’s new iPhone 6 headphones by Beats By Dre. :0)

Today you can see when beats by dre created new iPhone 6 headphones:

Does 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Phablet Come With Touch ID?  

Apple’s upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will supposedly have a heart rate sensor as well, but by the time the latest iPhone 6 is released, 5.5-inch iPhone 7 may be yet again ahead of the curve. According to insiders, the new 5.5-inch iPhone 7 will be the first phablet to come with an Touch ID.

The sensor will be integrated with the Apple’s Health app, and will help to measure ultraviolet radiation on the user’s skin, before giving recommended advice. Apple has not confirmed if there will be an Touch ID on 5.5-inch iPhone 7. The new 5.5-inch iPhone 7 is expected to be launched at a iPad Air 2 keynote on November, according to rumors. Officially, Apple has declined to give a specific 5.5-inch iPhone 7 release date.

ITUNES 12 Download Links Available for Mac OS X  


The iTunes 12 public beta download links will be the first public beta of an Apple operating system in more than a decade. It should be noted that not all Macs or PC Windows will run iTunes 12. A quick guide is to see if your Mac or PC Windows can run iTunes 11, because iTunes 12 has the same system requirements as those two versions.

Here is a list of Macs that will run iTunes 12:

- MacBook Pro: mid-2007 or newer
- MacBook Air: late 2008 or newer
- Mac Pro: early 2008 or newer
- MacBook: late 2008 aluminum, early 2009 or newer
- Mac Pro: early 2008 or newer
- iMac: mid-2007 or newer
- Mac mini: early 2009 or newer
- Xserve: early 2009


iPhone 7 Release Date, Full Specifications, Pricing.  

iPhone 7 full specifications. You might also have read our previous posts about new iPhone 7 describing the possible features of the iPhone 7. But here we will be telling you about the latest rumours that have added much more to its iPhone 7 features. Updates are as follows :

5.5-inch display
20 MP Primary Camera
4-7MP Secondary camera (looking at the future advancement)
32GB, 64GB, 128GB
iOS 8
Gorilla Glass
Metallic Body(Aluminum Body )
Lightest Weight
May have Intel Processors after the Haswell series have launched
Battery till 4000mAh Possible
Wireless charging ,better than what’s possible in the Nokia 920
It may also have flexible glass
Battery may last upto 36 hrs in standby Mode
Blink to click photograph


iPhone 6 Release date in Usa, Canada, UK, World.  

What’s new in Apple’s latest smartphone iPhone 6?

During the iPhone 6 keynote address in September, 2014, Apple will be announced and showed off new iPhone 6, also known as iPhone Air, to Apple iPhone owners and the public.

Apple hasn’t confirmed that iPhone 6 release date in Usa, Canada, UK (10 first countires) will be out in fall 2014 and hasn’t given a specific date.

iOS 8 Jailbreak. Evad3rs vs Pangu Jailbreak.  

iOS 8 Final release date = September, 2014. We wait official iOS 8 Jailbreak from one of the teams. Evad3rs team or Pangu Team. Who is Winner?


Apple iPhone 6 specification: smartphone. Released: 2014, September. iPhone 6 Features:  4.7-inch display, 32/64/128 GB storage, Long time Li-Po 1940 mAh battery. iPhone 6 Price: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon.


The future of this iPhone more or less depends on the sales trends. It is because it will have the a lots upgraded specification and the body size. So what we are trying to say is that whenever iPhone 6 is launched , if it launches what will make it different would be its body and its feature because specs can more or less be same in other iPhones also. Only the design and the features it provide would differentiate it.


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