Antivirus iPhone Free. How To Install.

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Antivirus iPhone
Everyday, you have probably noticed that very often we can see the kind of people who want to help us make the first million, to solve our health problems, and can even help to lose weight in 30 days. This kind of “helpers” has now become especially numerous and they all want to help us. But more about that some other time. In this post, I’d like to tell you about a new style of deception iPhone, Samsung, Android smartphone users.

Today, I found just such assistance, which will help me to use the internet on your iPhone or Android device more quickly. Seemingly everything very clearly described and attractive. But … Let’s read what we promise :

The new browser protects your phone from various online threats and make your job safer.

Discover the advantages :

 Fixed critical bugs
 Safer Online
 Fast loading Google, Yahoo
 Loading pages now 3 times faster
 Integration with FaceBook , YouTube,

If you choose to download this free new Safari for Android or iPhone, you can install antivirus for Android or iOS.

Reality: After installation, you will be asked to send the code for further information.
The price of one SMS is different in different countries , but is about 2-3 euros per SMS, but that no one talks to you and does not write. You’ll find out when you get the bill or if you look at their rules , but they are so you will not notice immediately . So it is not an antivirus or Safari for iPhone for Android, but merely a scam . Be careful and do not fall for such bait.

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