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Over the weekend psychologist Dr. Larry Rosen released his findings regarding teens and technology. And surprise! Technology can be bad for your health! His findings show that teens who use technology, such as the internet and video games, are more likely to suffer from stomach aches, sleeping problems and depression. WHAT? Is he sure there aren’t other causes for that stuff? I mean I’d be pretty depressed too if i had the laptop setup below:


Of course Facebook took the brunt of his criticism. Dr. Rosen blames the social network for an increase in narcissism amongst young people, by giving them the 24/7 ability to publish constant information about themselves. I think he meant to say constant useless information and carefully manipulated profile pics. Snap!


The constant instant gratification of Facebook and texting leads to a prioritizing of the quantity of connections made over quality. And that’s where the depression comes in. Hundreds of empty connections is no substitute for real human connections, Rosen says. Although even hundreds of useless connections are better than none, no?


The study also shows that excessive Facebook use can lead to an increase in anti-social behavior, mania, aggressive tendencies and alcohol abuse.


And it should come as no surprise that students who are obsessed with Facebook, including checking their FB pages while studying, tend to focus less, which results in poor test performance and lower grades. Yeah, yeah, I know, you’re researching something. You’re writing a paper on your ex’s vacation pics.


Facebook isn’t all bad though. Dr. Rosen said it is a great way to bring shy kids out of their shell, giving them a safe way to engage in social interactions. I say it’s only a matter of time until they are just as narcissistic as the rest of us.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Sorry cute shy baby!


So once again a study that shows that the overuse of something can be bad for you. So, just don’t overdo it…mmmkay? After all, we have more important things to do with our time, like obsessively looking for time-wasting websites and doing Google searches for funny Facebook images.


What do you think? Is Facebook bad for your health? Do you wanna check your FB page right now? Let’s discuss in the comments!


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