How to accelerate iOS 9 faster on iPhone 5S/5/4S

October 22nd, 2015 in , ,

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If you have iOS 9 on iPhone 4S, iPhone or iPhone 5S, you know that iOS 9 is slow on your devices. Today we want to tell you how to accelerate your iOS 9 faster.

Most jailbreak tweaks in iOS allows you to add various widgets, animations, icons, switches, etc., which often adversely affects system performance. But with Speed ​​Intensifier everything happens exactly the opposite.

go to site We can not say that iOS is too overloaded with unnecessary elements carrying only an aesthetic benefit, but for pragmatic users, even the most innocuous animation may seem out of place. Of course, there is a switch system settings (Settings -> General -> Accessibility), but the effect of it is not as noticeable as when using Speed ​​Intensifier.

buy provigil online in canada In fact, the main task of tweak – the acceleration of the animation. The user can fine-tune pretty Speed ​​Intensifier, by selecting the optimum value for each parameter.

This plugin is known to fans of the jailbreak for quite some time and its author regularly releases new updates. Accounting update is notable not only support for iOS 9, but the appearance of two new modes – Fusion and App.

buy finasteride tablets 5mg The result is particularly appreciated by owners of older devices such as the iPhone 4S or iPad 2, complaining of too slow system performance.