How To Enable Auto Answer Calls on iPhone | iOS 11 Features

September 6th, 2017 in

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How To Enable Auto Answer Call on iPhone | iOS 11 Features: I often have to miss an incoming call because of fear of staining the smartphone with dirty hands or unwillingness to remove gloves in the cold. I think I will not be mistaken if I assume that even those who have mastered the skills of controlling the touch screen with the help of the nose have come across this. Thanks to the automatic answer function, which appeared in iOS 11, excess gestures will remain in the past.

source The new feature is already available to users of devices running iOS 11 beta 1 and is hiding in a far not the most obvious place. If you want activate this function, you must go to Settings – General – Universal access – Sound source – Automatic answer to calls. Here you need to set the time interval from 0 to 60 seconds, after which your iPhone will automatically connect to the conversation. It’s very nice feature.

click here The only disadvantage of the embedded function is the operation without communication with the light sensor. In case you are not around, instead of saving the incoming call in missed calls, your iPhone will simply respond to it.