iCloud Hacked, iOS 7 Jailbroken, iMessage Naked

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iCloud Hacked, iOS 7 Jailbroken. Yea. Yesterday in Malaysia security conference Hack in The Box Kuala Lumpur has been released new training sessions.

We’re looking forward to the provocative talk abour iClocu hacking and Analyzing Apple’s iCloud Protocols, where developer Vladimir Katalov will give the first-ever report on work Apple iCloud communication protocols. We’re looking training about how an attacker can extract Apple user data from the Apple iCloud Login (including geolocation data) without a device tethered or access to iCloud.

Upon release of first iOS 7 Jailbreak screenshot this month, member and speaker of Evad3rs iOS7 Jailbreak Pod2g and GG divulged a few teaser details to press about their still-shadowy presentation that promises to reveal how Apple can eavesdrop on iMessage users.

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