iOS 7.1 Features. You can delete downloaded files.

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Beginning with the third beta version of iOS 7.1, the mobile operating system from Apple allows you to manually delete the downloaded update files . Automatic Updates for iOS appeared with the ability to update over the air in the fifth version of the mobile platform and has since caused a lot of controversy.

When iOS 7 became available to users , many of them were extremely dissatisfied with Apple’s policy of sharing updates . The fact that the seventh version of the mobile operating system loaded on the device yourself when connected to Wi-Fi, and then persistently offered to upgrade. The scandal around the unauthorized downloading iOS 7 went so far that a lawsuit was filed against Tim Cook , head of Apple.

Many people did not appreciate the loss of 3.1 GB engaged update files to iOS 7. Automatic loading and disappears in iOS 7.1, but users were able to manually remove the files update. This function is available with the third beta version of iOS 7.1. To remove the update files , you must open the settings, and then the main section and select Statistics . There’s something you can find the update files iOS. In the case of iOS 7.1 beta 3, for example , employs more than 700 additional MB.


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