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Is your iPad running slow? Does it seem to get bogged down after a few hours? Luckily, this is also relatively easy to fix.

1) The first thing to try is to purge your most recent apps from memory. The iPad multitasks by suspending applications that are no longer active, but allowing a portion of the application to keep running. In this way, Pandora can still send music to your speakers even after you’ve closed it.

To close the application, we need to get to your task bar. You can do this by double clicking the home button at the bottom of your iPad. (It’s the circular button you use to close iPad apps.) When you press it twice in quick succession, a task bar will come up showing your most recently used apps.

2) Sometimes closing down apps simply won’t do the trick. In this case, rebooting the iPad is the best recourse. To reboot the iPad, hold down the sleep/wake button button until instructions appear telling you to slide a button to power off the iPad. After the iPad’s screen goes completely dark, it is powered down and you can start it back up again by holding down the sleep/wake button again.

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