iPhone 6S Waterproof. Never Trust a Video.

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One Reason Why I Shouldn’t Trust Youtube Movies.

I bought new iPhone 6S. Already in the first days of sales iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus some enthusiasts empirically we found that the device is surprisingly well tolerated in long-term immersion in water. It’s possible thanks to the presence of a small layer of silicone around the perimeter of the housing. Similarly, protected from moisture and Lightning connectors of the motherboard. After that I used also. But…. Never Trust a Video.

http://goseetheeclipse.com/last-months-tse-total-solar-eclipse/ After these experiments, experts IFixYouri decided to determine how much still “waterproof” the new iPhone. As it turned out, the water gets into the lot. And only a very small amount of moisture inside can easily disable the “apple” smartphone.

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Even a short a dive into the water guaranteed smartphone will lead to serious problems if not immediately, then in the future. iPhone 6S Waterproof. Never Trust a Video.