iPhone 8 Video 4K

Theme:     January 17, 2017 | 

Since the iPhone 7’s release in September, 2016, there have been lot rumours about the new Apple iPhone 8. The rumours leaked that there will be 2 iPhone 8 models that will be released.

iPhone 7s or iPhone 8? I don’t know but I think that iPhone 7s Plus or iPhone 8 Plus – 10th Anniversary iPhone One of the iPhones has been given a codename “Ferrari”. Based on this codename it would surely mean that this iPhone is special and expensive. In my concept i chose 2 materials ceramic and glass. These two materials are expensive to manufacture and ceramic has been already been used on the Apple Watch Series 2.

The concept of iPhone 8 provides an updated design in the style of iPhone 4 / 4s and a large 5.8-inch display, curved at the edges. Due to the fact that there are no side frames smartphone, the device is able to fit in a body the size of the corresponding models of the previous generation

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