iWORK 13 New Features: Pages '13, Numbers '13, Keynote '13

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iWORK 13 New Features: Pages ’13, Numbers ’13, Keynote ’13
For the last six months, Apple has been hearing one criticism more consistently than all others. From Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, to a cadre of high-profile Wall Street analysts, Apple keeps hearing that it needs to innovate, innovate, and innovate some more.

Amidst widespread expectations that Apple would only refresh familiar products in 2013 and hold off on entering new product categories until 2014, investors have continued to pound AAPL this year in response to the company’s apparent innovation stagnation.

But during Apple’s Q2 2013 earnings call this afternoon, Apple CEO Tim Cook set the record straight on Apple’s plan for the rest of 2013. “The most important objective for Apple is developing innovative products,” Cook said, stopping short of revealing what these products may be.

For the first time this year, Cook has been candid in telling reporters and investors that new products are in the pipeline for “the fall and all of 2014,” reiterating on the call that “a lot more surprises in the works.”
Surprisingly, but the mass renovation of Pages, Numbers and Keynote Corporation did not hold for four years. Of course, from time to time they get a few new features and widgets, but the structure and design remain unchanged. In iLife things are better: the last time Apple seriously update this application package in October 2010. Isn’t it a time to please their users with new developments and interfaces? It’s been passed not few years.

I believe that the new versions of iLife and iWork packages can be expected by the presentation of the seventh version of the operating system iOS, which simply has to surprise us all. If Apple will show some at the same time cardinal updates of their software, users will appreciate this move of the company. When will this happen? Experts still are at a loss, but the most appropriate period to present new products, many recognize June of this year.

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