Jailbreak iOS 7 (7.0.2) iPhone 4 + Install Cydia iOS 7. Complete Guide (Updated)


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Done. Now you can jailbreak iOS 7.0.2 (iOS 7) and install Cydia iOS 7 on your iPhone 4. You can read this complete guide with screens and links.
Step 1:

Mac OS X 10.8
iPhone 4
Cable for Mac

Step 2:
Download this file (iOS 7.0.2 JB kit)

Step 3:
Go to “Finder

Step 4:

Go to folder opensn0w_build go to folder –> bin

Step 5:

Launch “Terminal” and Click on the folder “bin” and drag this folder on the terminals’s window.

Step 6:
In terminal make command:
./opensn0w_cli -p ../bundles/iPhone3,1_7.0.2_11A501.plist

Step 7:
Put your iPhone 4 In DFU Mode.

Step 8:

Run programm ssh_rd_rev04b.jar + Put your iPhone 4 In DFU Mode.

Step 9:

The window should look like this when Its done. Put your iPhone 4 In DFU Mode. Switch back to Terminal and enter the following commands to SSH.
ssh root@localhost -p 2022 (password: alpine)
Second command:

Step 10:
Open new window of Terminal.

scp -P 2022 bin/* root@localhost:/mnt1/bin/
scp -P 2022 SSH2_bundle.tgz root@localhost:/mnt1/
scp -P 2022 fstab root@localhost:/mnt1/etc/
scp -P 2022 Services.plist root@localhost:/mnt1/System/Library/Lockdown/

Password: alpine

Step 11:
GO to first windows of Terminal and write commands:

cd /mnt1
tar xzf SSH2_bundle.tgz

Step 12:
Turn Off + Turn On iPhone.

Step 13:

Launch “iExplorer, iFunbox or Ciberduck” and Click on the folders “bin, usr, private, sbin,Library, System” and drag this folder on the iPhone’s root folder.

Step 14:
Connect to your iPhone with command:
root@ -p 22 (please see you IP on your Wifi iPhone )

Step 15:
wget -q -O /tmp/cyinstall-1.sh && chmod 755 /tmp/cyinstall-1.sh && /tmp/cyinstall-1.sh

Wait 5-6 min.

Step 16:

P.S. It’s tethered jailbreak iOS 7.0.2. But, how often do you reboot your phone? :)

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