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VIRUS for iOS 5.1
New dangerous trojan virus for iOS 5.1 spreads on the web. Symantec has conducted a survey of operating systems for smartphones and putting the spotlight Android and iPhone OS, the result is disturbing. Leaving aside the voices of many who say that viruses often exist because they create anti-virus vendors, see the survey results.

The origin of this “viral technology” was Russia, but the Trojan automatically sends text messages to phone numbers all over Europe, in fact, expanding the possible scope of action of the virus.

How you can fight the Trojans, and in what manner the anti-virus companies are acting? From the words of Vikram Thakur, manager of security at Symantec, we learn that the viruses that have this characteristic of polymorphism, ie the continuous change of some internal parts, are more difficult to counter. The same is also confirmed by Tim Armstrong, one of the researchers working at Kasperski Lab, who adds that, of course, the higher the level of changes that the Trojan makes to himself and the harder it is to identify and block.

How can we do to combat viruses and malware? First we must assume that smartphones today are increasingly similar to PCs, then you need to download app only from reliable sources. From this point of view, Google Android and the choice of allowing all developers to upload their app, without first passing through a review process as is the case with Apple, have always been criticized . The keyword, however, is “attention”.


The distribution of the destructive virus happens with a App from internet pages about Fake Jailbreak presentation called:

– “UNLOCK NOW FREE”. DON’T go to this page from iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), if you do this, however, you’ll see -10-15 seconds of an animation followed by the text: “DOWNLOAD UNLOCK 2 NOW FREE”. Then it’s already too late and your information will be cleared (SIM and idevice information).

– If you search information about Jailbreak or Unlock for iPhone or iPad –> search this information from Mac or PC, but don’t do it this from iOS device.

– If you like search information about Jailbreak or Unlock for iPhone or iPad from iPhone or iPad –> search this information from original pages (examples:,,,

– To stop this virus it is necessary to inform all internet users as soon as possible so this virus gets NO chance to survive…

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