NOKIA N1 Review – Price, Features, Design.

November 18th, 2014 in , ,

Nokia N1 Review
Nokia N1 Review. Nokia has released the first tablet on Android L for all those who wish to follow the latest fashion trends in the field of IT. Already, we can do the first review and conclusions about what happened with the company Nokia. And it turned out very well. Stylish design, minimalism, high build quality and usability, say that Nokia N1 best tablet on Android L.

Design Nokia N1 above all praise. It really looks at 100. And this is not surprising, because the design of Nokia N1 coincides with the design of Apple iPad Mini 3. Yes, yes, iPad Mini 3. Now all, who do not have the opportunity to buy iPad, will be able to do it – Nokia N1 is the best alternative to the system Android.
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