PlayStation 4 Price In Canada / Buy Online Now

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PlayStation 4 Price In Canada / Buy Online Now
Sony has unveiled the next version of its next popular gaming console, the PlayStation 4, which it plans to release in time for the 2013 holiday season.

Powered by an eight-core x86 processor and 8GB of RAM, Sony showcased “Driveclub” to display the level of detail that the PlayStation 4 is capable of.

PlayStation’s “iconic” controller won’t be changing much in shape and size, but more bells and whistles have been added. The aforementioned share button, a colored light bar to give each player a little flare, and a sensor that will allow the PS4’s Kinect-like camera depth-and-motion sensor to read where the player is, have all been added to the enhanced controller. Sony didn’t detail how the camera will be used in games.

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