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TORRENT IPAD: Today marks the official release of Installous 5. It contains a number of significant feature additions and bugfixes, but no notable design changes. (At least we didn’t call it Installous 4S!) Some of those features include BitTorrent downloading support, support for the new iOS notification system, and several improvements for filehost compatibility.

BitTorrent downloading.

Installous is the first mobile installation client to support BitTorrent downloading. This is a huge milestone for the community, and we plan to progress further with future updates. Right now, very few applications have torrent support — but that’s a statistic subject to change over the next month or so.

Installous uses magnet links, a decentralized way of obtaining torrent metadata. As a result, we don’t host any .torrent files. We also use peer exchange (PEX), otherwise known as trackerless torrents. Both of these features make the entire process completely decentralized and uninterruptable. Demagnetization may be slow in some cases (especially for obscure apps), but we’ll be working hard to speed up that process.

The best part is being able to pause and resume downloads, something most filehosts don’t support for free users.

Installous will seed from the device only while the download is ongoing, and only if you’re on WiFi. When the download finishes, it will stop seeding. We use libtransmission from the famous Transmission OSX client, which includes support for all modern BitTorrent features (DHT, UPNP, encryption, etc.).


1) Open “Cydia”
2) Click “Manage”
3) Add repo:
4) Search “Installous 5″
5) Install
6) Done

Please don’t pirate AppStore apps (seriously, please do not)

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