Baidu Cloud App is the Best Cloud Service for iPhone, iPad, Mac

Thursday, May 17th, 2018:

Baidu Cloud is the best cloud service for iPhone, iPad, Mac and others iOS devices including all-new iPhone X. Why? Baidu Cloud is a free cloud storage of files (the volume is 2 TB).

The main advantages of the Baidu Cloud App storage are:
* Large amount of storage for files – 2055 gigabytes;
* Secure storage and synchronization of personal data in the cloud;
* Download media files from external sources in offline mode;
* Download torrents offline;
* The ability to use the Weibo, Renren and QQ accounts to register and enter the repository;
* The size of a single download file can reach 4 Gigabytes!!!

The default program interface is represented by the Chinese language, but can this stop us from using it. [Apple Store LINK]