Bypass iOS 10 Passcode + Activation.

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016:

Bypass iOS 10 Passcode + Activation with / without computer. Every year we receive lots email and messages via facebook or twitter about bypass ios passcode. Next time for iOS 10 bypass.

If you “old” iPhone or iPad owner, you know that after iOS 6 release date, all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Macs can enable iCloud with fine features like emails, messages, contacts, notes and other private data. We know that if you want to buy “old” device, you must buy only restored device. If you bought iPhone you must understand that you can’t bypass iOS device without passcode.

iOS 10 will be released with new features incl. new Touch ID features. we know that Apple business model has one general way – private life. This mean that you can’t bypass iOS 10 without passcode.

You can do it, but it’s illegal. If you are iPhone owner and forget your iCloud password, you will be bypass iOS 10 passcode in official Apple Store service. Others ways are illegal.

Don’t use illegal bypass iOS 10 passcode method. If you have plans for bypass iOS 10, don’t forget read this post.