DropBox Login

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018:

How To DropBox Login? DropBox is one of the oldest cross-platform cloud storage. Unlike the previous one, it supports all major operating systems, as well as some rarely used ones, for example, Symbian and MeeGo. The service is very simple to use, it works quickly and stably.

Free DropBox user is provided with only 2 GB of disk space for storing personal files, but this amount can be doubled, creating and adding to your account one more – a worker (which can actually be personal). Together we will get 4 GB.

Switching between personal and working disk space on the DropBox website and in the application is done without logging out of the account (you do not need to enter your login and password each time). On the computer for both accounts a separate folder is created – 2 GB each.

DropBox, as expected, also has several tariff plans.

Free users in addition to the storage are available:

– Collaboration with the DropBox Paper documents.
– Ability to share links and create shared folders.
– A log of file changes with the ability to restore them to a previous version (up to 30 days).
– Commenting files – both their own and other users, if the file is available for viewing.
– Search function.
– Receive event notifications (configurable individually).
– Automatic upload of photos from the camera (by the way, for including this option some time ago, DropBox provided users with additional space).
– Select full or selective synchronization.
– Encryption of data during storage and transfer.

Paid users in addition to the storage are available:

– Remote data destruction from DropBox on a lost or stolen device.
– Limitation of the term of the link.
– Two-factor authentication of the account.
– Setting the levels of access to different data.
– Enhanced protection of HIPAA / HITECH information (secure storage of medical records).
– 24-hour technical support.