Dropbox Pricing 2014: 100GB, 200GB, 500GB.

Dropbox Pricing 2014

Launch year : 2008 ;
Available free of charge: 2 GB ;
Opportunity to “earn” a place : yes;
Rates: 100 GB – $ 9.99 / month , 200 GB – $ 19.99 / month , 500 GB – $ 49.99 / month ;
Platforms : Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire;

Advantages: no limit on the size of the file through the client , simple interface and configuration, cross-platform , support for Dropbox widely integrated into many applications for iOS / Android;

Disadvantages: if you want to rent more than 500 GB – need to buy a business account (not less than 5 users) ;

Best for: owners of mobile devices and computers with a variety of ” OSes .” Those who need a light “cloud” to store the files and , if necessary, quickly send them links to your friends . Due to a flexible tariff policy Dropbox can become the choice of corporate users;

Review: Unlike Google, the company has built its business solely around filesharing. Dropbox website has a very user friendly interface with easy navigation , and numerous clients – extremely easy setup. When registering users will only be given 2 gigabytes of free , but additional space can “earn” (16 GB max ) , inviting friends ( 500MB per referral ) , connecting account to Facebook and Twitter, uploading photos and videos , install applications Mailbox.