iPhone Spy Video App – How To Record Spy Video On iPhone.

How To Record Spy Video On iPhone
iPhone Spy Video App: Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary imperceptibly take some photos or record video. New tweak from Cydia solves this problem an original way.

Stealth Cam – a small but useful application designed for the hidden camera and video. Use the main camera of the iPhone user can record everything that happens around absolutely imperceptibly.

How To Record Spy Video On iPhone:
Stealth Cam provides the ability to shoot with the screen off. Enough staff to run the Camera app and turn off the screen of your smartphone. After that, take a photo, simply click on one of the volume buttons. iPhone will take pictures and store them in memory. Will also be able to reduce the overall sound level in the system to not hear a sound effect shutter.

Instead of photos Stealth Cam kept shooting video, you need before turning off the screen to activate the appropriate shooting mode cameras.

Stealth Cam is a commercial Cydia Twesk. You can buy in Cydia ($ 0.99)