Windows 10 Release Date, Download + Torrent

Friday, December 12th, 2014:


Windows 10 torrent download links available for download + install on your PC. It’s very good news for all, who wait official Windows 10 release date. Today you can download and try this torrent version. It’s free. Cool. Windows 10 only available for desktop platforms. Windows 10 was announced in September, and at the end of January, Microsoft outlined a more detailed account of the possibilities of the operating system for the average user.

In this case, as it became known, in January, Microsoft will demonstrate to the public for the first time Windows 10 in its mobile version – for smartphones and tablets.

A key feature of Windows 10 lies in its ubiquity and universality: the same platform will be able to manage all types of computing devices – from computers and servers to smartphones, game consoles, smart watches and televisions. App store will also be the same for all versions OS.

Also among the new features Windows 10 developers called instant search on the Internet through the “Start” menu and the ability to insert text into the command line using the key combination Ctrl + V.

Some time ago, Microsoft promised that all future smartphones Lumia line will have to upgrade to Windows 10. We know that new Windows 10 torrent download links will be released after official Windows 10 release date. It’s tradition.